Midwest Shrine Association Activities

The Midwest Shrine Association holds two major functions each year. The winter session, held each February, is a business meeting (a stag event) for executive officers, committee heads and association units. The Summer conference is open to all Shriners and their families which includes a variety of social events, all-Shriner parades, and Unit competitions. These sessions rotate between the 14 Shrine Centers each year with the incoming President’s Shrine Center hosting both winter and summer sessions. However the organization and operation of Winter Session (business meetings) is the responsibility of the MSA while the organization and operation of Summer Session is the responsibility of the Host Temple.

Year Host Temple Location
Host Temple Website
2022 Beja Shriners, Green Bay Wisconsin MSA2022
2023 Osman Shriners, St Paul Minnesota MSA2023
2024 Zor Shriners, Madison Wisconsin MSA2024
2025 Wawa Shriners, Regina Saskatchewan wawashriners
2026 Kem Shriners, Grand Forks North Dakota kemshriners
2027 Aad ­ Shriners, Duluth Minnesota aadshrine
2028 El Riad Shriners, Sioux Falls South Dakota elriad
2029 El Zagal Shriners, Fargo North Dakota elzagal
2030 Ahmed Shriners, Marquette Michigan ahmedshrine
2031 Zuhrah Shriners, Minneapolis Minnesota zuhrahshriners
2032 Naja Shriners, Deadwood South Dakota najashriners
2033 Yelduz Shriners, Aberdeen South Dakota yelduz
2034 Tripoli Shriners, Milwaukee Wisconsin tripolishriners
2035 Khartum Shriners, Winnipeg Manitoba khartumshriners
2036 Abu Bekr Shriners, Sioux City Iowa Abu Bekr Shriners